Bugs, Bolts, and Wires - Cybersecurity, DIY Projects, and Electronics!

My name is Christopher Kyle and I live with my wife, a 5-month-old, dog, and cat. I love to garden, woodwork, program and learn about all things related to science and technology.

I recently left my job as an Education Specialist so that I could finish school, pursue certifications and be a stay at home dad while my wife works full time.

Being a new father is very exciting, albeit exhausting. Between work and home life, I find going to college a very demanding experience. To manage the stress and to help me keep up I make sure I plan my week out and keep track of when assignments are due.

I have 15 years of experience in building computers, installing hardware, software and programming. I am currently pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity in the hopes of making the internet and world a safer place.

I’ll be using this site to share some of my experiences with woodworking, electronics, programming, and to share some of my more interesting school assignments.